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Our firms technology law practice focusses on the unique legal requirements of clients who are either suppliers or user of technology. We have developed expertise and experience in dealing with different technologies and in providing a multi-faceted array of services to clients. Our services in this area of practice includes system acquisitions, software development, distribution and licensing, outsourcing, electronic data interchange, technology protection policies, proprietary rights protection policies, employment agreements, technology law audits.

Considering that this area of practice is closely related to and involves copyright, patent, trademark and other intellectual property issues, we also advise and consult in the area of Intellectual Property Rights.

Legislation needs to keep pace with technology and so we ensure that our firm members continue to be fully informed regarding new and emerging Technology Law issues. Several of our firms partners have assisted the Department of Information Technology, Government of India in drafting rules and regulations under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

Our practice in this area includes: