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Our IP practice extends to providing sound advice on the kind of comprehensive protection that is required to further enhance a company’s intellectual capital. In that regard we would under the different kinds of IPR’s prevalent.

1. Trade Mark

The Trade Marks Act, 1999, governs trademarks in India. Our consultants and lawyers have a wide experience in advising clients on the most effective trademark applications to provide a comprehensive trademark protection to them. Our firm provides assistance and consultancy in obtaining trademarks and all related litigation pertaining to trademark infringement.

2. Patents

India is a signatory to the Paris Convention as well as the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Our consultants and lawyers have the requisite expertise in drafting and applying for patent protection of an invention.

3. Copyrights

We also provide comprehensive services in registering copyrights. The Copyright Act in India contains penal provisions, which provide certain relief to the copyright owners. We provide complete and comprehensive copyright information to our clients and ensure that their work is adequately protected.

4. Sui Generis Protection Of Semiconductors

In India sui generis protection is given to semiconductor integrated circuits under the Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Act, 2000. We work in close association with the Department of Micro-electronics, the agency responsible for the semiconductor laws in India and provide assistance on the rules and regulations in that regard.