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We provide services and advice relating to all electronic aspects of a business. Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists in e-business, banking and financial services, information technology, communication, health services, and intellectual property. Our lawyers and consultants have a commercial appreciation of the business contexts in which e-business transactions can best be utilised.

E-business is being utilised to:

  1. Substantially Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  2. Deliver products and services in new markets
  3. Maintain a competitive edge in the industry of operation
  4. Meet customer demands

E-business also presents legal challenges, such as:

  1. Applying the existing legal principles to the new business environments (eg applying existing regulation to the online or mobile business environment)
  2. Analysing and managing legal risks in the new environment.
  3. Negotiating and drafting agreements between electronic service providers, and providers of backend, IT and ancillary services

Mohan & Mohan Law Consultants is uniquely placed to advise on such issues.

This includes aspects as far ranging as:

  1. The use of digital certificates and signature (Public Key Infrastructure)
  2. Online service delivery
  3. B2B procurement
  4. Electronic payment systems and transactions
  5. Online auctions
  6. Mobile business enabled applications
  7. Smart card technology
  8. Electronic record keeping and evidence of electronic transactions
  9. Authentication systems including biometrics
  10. Distribution and alliance agreements
  11. Regulatory compliance for electronic transactions
  12. Cross-border issues for e-business transactions