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Our lawyers provide comprehensive assistance and expertise in drafting all kinds of contracts, deeds, documents, agreements and also other complex documentation.
Our experience in the field of drafting includes specialisation in:

Purchase and Sales

Our practice includes assisting clients in completing purchase and sales. Inter alia, we:

  1. Act as our clients’ agents during real estate purchases or sales negotiations.
  2. Represent the buyer or the seller in the completion of individual or corporate land sales.
  3. Draft Purchase Agreements, Deeds, Property Disclosures, and other real estate documents that are necessary for the completion of real estate transactions.
  4. Review various real estate documents to protect our clients’ interests.

Commercial and Residential Leasing

We assist individuals and businesses to deal with the complexities of commercial and residential leasing. In that respect we:

  1. Review commercial and residential leases to protect our clients’ interests.
  2. Draft commercial and residential leases to ensure our clients’ goals are met.