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Admiralty law focuses on the problems associated with the movement of commerce and/or recreational activities on or near waterways. Our lawyers and consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the maritime industry and the laws that regulate it. We advise on various aspects of shipping law, including charter party agreements and shipping leases. Our firm has experience in matters pertaining to ship arrest, demurrage and seamen’s issues.

Issues involve negotiation, settlement, and resolution of claims for property loss and/or personal injury, and often-complex maritime insurance problems. Additionally, the practice regularly involves negotiation and drafting of agreements between members of the maritime industry.

We provide consultancy on a broad range of general commercial and maritime-related transactions for members of the maritime industry:

  1. Ownership of waterfront-related property and facilities.
  2. Vessel-related transactions, including sale, purchase, charter, tax deferred exchange, and repair.
  3. Marine construction and dredging.

Our Services Include consultancy in:

  1. Purchase and sale of maritime industry businesses
  2. Evaluating insurance packages for industry clients, matching anticipated risk to policy coverage.
  3. Where appropriate, assisting in the presentation and collection of claims to underwriters.
  4. Litigation support, including representation of clients before various fora.
  5. Negotiation and documentation assistance in vessel purchases, business disputes, and collisions.
  6. Regulatory and environmental compliance.
  7. Vessel finance and liens
  8. Shipping transactions, including affreightment contracts and towage agreements